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A Cats Tail

 A Cats Tail is a children’s book currently pending publication about a story of an unexpected hero who saves the day.  



Children 2-8

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Pending publication - come back soon for additional information

young adult novel


The Katzenstein Kids and the Eye of Horus - Book 1

A story of a journey through time and history that begins with an unusual discovery in the vast desert of war torn Egypt. 

One that brings together an unlikely outcome and with it an unlikely witness.  As time passes and a generation later an old secret is revealed and with it an event that will forever change the lives of so many, and perhaps the world itself.

From its beginnings to its finale set around the innocents of a small American town a mystery is unraveled by those you least expect.  Yet, beyond a simple treasure or mystery lies an unbreakable friendship shared by four kids. This coming of age story delivers the bravery found in all of us and the fortune destiny reserved for the few.

Danger awaits the willing and with it the help of a powerful gift for those who choose to defend the weak.

The secrets of a forgotten past will emerge and with it an altered course for those who search for the clues.  Before its end an All American town will be changed forever, as well as the lives of those brave enough to discover the truth.



Young Adult 13+

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